Latest news from Bali

State volcanologists warn trekkers and mountain climbers that Mount Agung still remains off-limits and unsafe for reckless adventurers.

Read how Finns’ Recreation Club operates a fun oasis for children at the Cubby House Kids Club

Indications are that the Governor and Provincial Lawmakers may be poised to close down the Sarbargita Bus System.

IMF-World Bank Update: Detailed evacuation drills are being practiced to evacuate IMF-World Bank delegates attending the October conference in Bali in the event of a major natural disaster. The tourism sector is now tasked to become the number one source of foreign exchange for the Indonesian economy. And, economists say the IMF-World Bank Conference will generate US$68 million for the National economy.

Aviation News: The Ministry of State-owned companies is urging Garuda to review its non-stop Jakarta-London service if that route continues to lose money. Bali police took a 12-year-old Australian boy into custody for a trip back to Sydney after he was discovered having a solo Bali holiday using a credit card stolen from his mother. And, Bali’s Governor says demand for direct flights to Bali far exceeds the capacity of Bali’s airport to handle the requested flight slots.


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