Arrogance, Greed and Ignorance.

BALI NINE kingpins Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran’s lies, arrogance and shameless cockiness with Indonesians earned them the death penalty they could have avoided, a new book claims.

After their arrests for masterminding the 8.3kg heroin plot, the two Australians were “full of swagger and bravado and smart-alec quips”.

They were “full of everything except contrition”, according to a new account of the pair’s lives on death row and execution by firing squad by Indonesia specialist and News Corp journalist Cindy Wockner.

According Wockner’s book, Chan “smirked” and was “insolent” in the face of an Indonesian judge he treated as “stupid”.

This approach was disastrous “in a legal system that places a great deal of emphasis on co-operation, on courtesy and politeness in court and on admissions of guilt and expressions of remorse”.

It gained them the death penalty when it might have been avoided, Wockner writes in her book, The Pastor and the Painter.

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