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beach fishingLocated at the most western point of the Lesser Sunda Islands, bordered by black, sandy beaches and fascinating coral reefs, Bali is the one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, if not the world. A predominantly Balinese Hindu province, the island is home to a wealth of arts and culture and is a great source of national pride for the whole country.

Also known by its colloquial nickname, `the Island of the Gods,` Bali is one tourist destination that really does have it all. From rugged coastlines and barren volcanoes to tranquil beaches, sloping emerald rice terraces and joyful, vibrant cultural festivals, Bali has something to offer any kind of traveller from every walk of life.

For many visitors to the island, one of its most popular attractions is its incredible, unique culture, arts and festivals. Bali is home to approximately 20,000 `pura` (temples). These vary in size and congregation but each holds festivals at least twice a year, according to a complicated system which is determined by the two separate calendars which the island follows - the `wuku` calendar and the `saka` calendar, the latter of which follows the lunar cycle and is much more similar to the Western calendar system. One of these festivals is the `Galungan` festival, which is celebrated every 210 days and lasts for ten days in itself, with the biggest celebrations held on the final day, the `Kuningan`.

The second festival of the year is `Nyepi`, which is generally considered to be the Hindu New Year. Nyepi is respected by all establishments and authorities across the island as a Day of Silence, when Balinese residents believe they can trick evil spirits into avoiding the island by keeping silent and still between the hours of 6am on Nyepi and 6am the following day, pretending nobody lives on Bali at all. Nyepi is not held on a fixed date but is decided late the previous year; tourists are asked to remain inside their hotels, keeping noise and light to a minimum. The airport is closed down for 24 hours and all booked flights are rescheduled to before or after this date. With such heavy restrictions in place, you might wonder why anyone would wish to visit the island during this time. In fact, the true celebration is held in the evening of the day before, when the island`s inhabitants carry huge, fantastically colourful puppets of giants to form one of the most incredible parades in the world.

Other great attractions to the island include its bizarrely black, sandy beaches, its exciting surfing and snorkeling opportunities, the renowned Balinese massages and the exotic array of clothing, footwear, ornaments and different foods available in the local shops and markets.


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